Preserving bananas

Ok, I'm not talking about preserving as in drying, canning, etc. I'm talking about keeping the bananas fresh longer.

I go grocery shopping once a week, usually on Tuesday. I buy enough bananas to last me that whole week, so I can eat them every day from Tuesday to Monday. When I started doing this, they would spoil quickly, and wouldn't last for a week. Then I started coming up with new ideas to make them stay fresh longer. Here's what I'm doing at the moment:

I'll buy ripe ones for Tuesday and maybe Wednesday evening. For the other days, I'll get green ones (if they have any). If they don't have any green ones, I'll have to get all ripe ones for the entire week.

When I get home, I have two choices. If all of them were ripe, I'll stick them in the fruit drawer in the fridge. If I got green ones, I'll do the following:

I'll leave the ones for Tuesday and Wednesday in the fruit bowl, and I'll wrap the rest in a plastic bag. I may include Wednesday ones in the bag, if they're not too green. I usually use the bags I bring in from the store. I'll cut the tops off the bananas halfway, because the bags I use are thin, and the top will tear them. I'll also suck the air out of the bag before tying a knot. I can leave the green ones on the table without the bag, but I like putting them in bags, so they ripen slower.

Tuesday evening I'll eat the ones I left out.

Wednesday afternoon, I'll take the bananas out of the bag, pull the bag inside out, and put them back in. I do this because moisture starts appearing inside the bag. The hotter it is in my place, the more moisture there will be. I reverse the bag once a day, twice if it's really hot. In the evening I'll eat the ones I left out.

Thursday afternoon I have two choices. I can take them out of the bag, and put them in the fridge, or I wait until Friday to put them in the fridge. It all depends on how green and soft they are. So they stay in the fridge until I finish them by Monday.

If the last bananas on Monday (from the fridge) are soft and mushy, that means they were out too long. For instance, if I put the bananas in the fridge on Thursday, and on Monday they're mushy when I open them, that means I should've put them in the fridge a day earlier. That way they'll be firm right up to Monday.

I keep my bananas in the fridge without the plastic bag. I tried it with the bag a few times, but moisture started appearing inside, and the skin would get wet.

I don't put really green ones in the fridge, and I make sure that I take green ones out of the bag, if I need them the following day, so they can ripen by then. That's it!

Sometimes, even if the skin is a bit green, they can be ready for the fridge. I check if they're ready, by bending them. If they bend really easy, that means they're soft, and I can put them in the fridge.

6 days in fridge

These were ripe when I bought them, and I put them in the fridge when I got home. Here they are after 6 days. The skin is dark, but they're firm and good on the inside!

2 green bananas

Here are two green ones......

Banana in bag

The top one goes in the bag. This pic shows only one, but I usually put more in the same bag.

Ripe bananas

As you can see, the bag helps......

3 days in fridge

These were green when I bought them. They were in a bag for 3 days, and then went in the fridge. Here they are after 3 days in the fridge. They were good on the inside.

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