Oster Deluxe Hair Clipper / Trimmer (284-61)

I got this clipper back in 1997. I used it for 12 years, and it worked great. I used it once every 3 weeks, for my hair. Here's some more info, and what came in the box :


OSTERCOTE - Rust inhibitive blade coating.

ADJUSTABLE BLADE - You move the lever up and down, to adjust the cutting depth.

4 GUIDE COMBS - 1/2" + 3/8" + 1/4" + blending. I haven't used these, because my hair isn't that long.

BARBER & STYLING COMB - Two combs included, but I never needed them.

7" TRIMMING SCISSORS - I don't need them for my hair.

CLEANING BRUSH - I used it halfway through the cutting, and at the end.

BLADE GUARD - This is a plastic piece that you put over the blades, when you're not using the clipper.

LUBRICATING OIL - When I first started using it, I was putting on too much. So it used to get on my scalp, while using the machine. After that, I only used a tiny amount. I used up the oil a long time ago, but the machine was still working good.

8' CORD - Long enough to reach my bathtub.

Some of the hair goes inside the clipper, and I used to open it up once a year, to clean it out. I also removed the blades, and cleaned around them. When I'd put them back, I had to make sure that they were aligned. I'd put the 2 screws in the top blade, and tighten them, but not all the way. Then, I'd look at the 2 blades from the side, and adjust the top one, so they were even. Then, I could tighten the screws, since the top of both blades was in a straight line.

I used to have another clipper before this one, and I gave it to someone. The top of the blade had sharp corners, and it used to scratch my skin, because I didn't use the guide combs. I didn't have this problem with the Oster one, because the blades are smooth on the end.

Although the Oster one didn't scratch my skin, I had another problem with it. If there was a large pimple on my head, the machine would sometimes cut it. Sometimes it would bleed a lot, but it would stop after I washed my hair. It can't be from the moving blade, because it's not that close to the top. I think the pimple got between the blade teeth, and that scraped the top of it.

I checked online, to see if they still make this model. I couldn't find any info for this model number, but I noticed a few places selling one that looks the same. But they're selling it as a clipper for pets! I guess the new models must have improved a lot, since they're selling the old ones for pets, hehe.

I stopped using it in March 2009, because it started making some kind of really loud noise, when I turned it on. This noise started 2 months earlier, and kept getting louder. Usually, adjusting the large plastic screw on the side fixes the noise problem, but this time it didn't help. So, I had to switch to anoter clipper in March.


1/2 Comb

3/8 Comb

1/4 Comb

Blending Comb


Scissor Top

Scissor Bottom

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